Hmmm….about me…..

I’m not usually one to talk much about myself, so this is odd for me.  I grew up in a small rural area of northern Mississippi.  My Dad was a plumber all my life, tho I do remember him helping out on his Dad’s farm when I was young (until I was about 10).  We had a very large garden that I knew nothing about except doing what I was told.  At that time, I was a geek in a rural body.  I read (mostly sci-fi) constantly.  I worked on computers from the age of 9 on up.  I could think of nothing but getting out of there and getting to a big city somewhere.  I joined the Air Force, got training in computer programming and got my dream job as a software developer outside D.C.

And I was miserable.

Along the way, I had been married, had kids, divorced.  I was alone and nothing ever felt quiet right.  It was about that time that I re-met and eventually married my first high school sweetheart.  We moved just south of Nashville TN, and have now rented a 1.5 acre plot of land, and I am excited.  I am 37 years old with no farm or livestock experience, but I am determined to turn this 1.5 acres into a productive homestead that not only provides 75% or more of our family food, but also provides some meager income as well.

This blog will chronicle my journey back to the farm that my grandparents and great-grandparents knew.


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