Preparing fresh ground

So, the ground that I chose for my main garden has mostly never been gardened before.  A small chunk of it was once part of a garden some 8 or more years ago.  When I began (admittedly very late) the area was still fully covered with grass.  I didn’t want to spray any chemicals on the ground and I didn’t think I had time or money to do anything extravagant to prepare the ground.  I began, as you saw in the previous post by tilling the ground several times with a tiller I’ve borrowed from a very good friend.  My plan is to loosen the soil some, then rake together rows that I will cover with newspaper.  I’ll cut holes in the newspaper where ever I want to plant and leave the paper to block the light from the grass and weeds that are surely tilled into the soil for now.

I’ve also been reading a lot about Square Foot Gardening online and via youtube.  I think I’m going to reserve a section of the garden to give this method a try.  If it works as good as it looks, I may use this method for most of my garden as the year progresses or next year.



  • Start preparing the ground early
  • Don’t be so overeager that you don’t plan well
  • Starting anytime is better than just wishing.

I don’t know what will become of this little garden, but come what may, I’m going to keep trying and learning and growing.



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